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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
AppArmor AppArmor discussion
Artful-changes Artful Aardvark changes
bazaar bazaar discussion
bazaar-announce Announcements for the Bazaar project
bazaar-commits Bazaar repository commit notification
Bigdata Discussions for the Juju Big Data community
Bionic-changes Bionic Beaver changes
Brainstorm-moderators Ubuntu Brainstorm Staff Mailing-List
breezy-changes BreezyBadger archive upload notification list [Historical]
Checkbox-devel Checkbox development
Cloud-archive-changes Medium volume automatic messages of each package change in the cloud archive
Cloud-tools-changes [no description available]
Community-announce Community announcement list
Community-Web-Projects Discussion list for all community web projects including LoCo Team Directory, Summit, Hall of Fame, Django Foundations and the community web themes.
dapper-changes DapperDrake archive upload notification list
desktop-bugs Desktop bug tracker changes - HIGH VOLUME
developer-membership-board Developer Membership Board
Disco-changes Disco changes
edgy-changes EdgyEft archive upload notification list
edubuntu-devel Edubuntu Development & Technical Discussion
edubuntu-devel-es Edubuntu Hispanoparlantes
edubuntu-users Edubuntu Users Help and Discussion
Eoan-changes Eoan changes
fan-networking List for Fan Networking related topics (development, testing, adoption, debugging)
feisty-changes Feisty Fawn archive upload notification list
Focal-changes Focal changes
font Ubuntu Font Family
foundations-bugs Ubuntu Foundations bug changes
Free-software-laptop Laptops that work well with pure Free Software drivers and OpenBIOS
Fwts-announce Firmware Test Suite Announcements
fwts-devel Firmware Test Suite Development
Groovy-changes Groovy changes
gutsy-changes Gutsy Gibbon archive upload notification list
Hardy-changes Hardy Heron archive upload notification list
Hirsute-changes [no description available]
hoary-changes HoaryHedgehog archive upload notification list [Historical]
impish-changes [no description available]
Intrepid-changes Intrepid Ibex archive upload notification list
Irc-council Ubuntu IRC Council
Is-admin-test Canonical IS test list
jammy-changes [no description available]
Jaunty-changes Jaunty Jackalope archive upload notification list
Juju-GUI Juju GUI Developer Discussions
Karmic-changes Karmic Koala archive upload notification list
kernel-bugs Kernel Bugs tracking
Kernel-sru-announce For announcement of things impacting the kernel sru cycle
kernel-team Kernel team discussions
kinetic-changes [no description available]
kubuntu-bugs Kubuntu bug tracker changes
Kubuntu-de Deutschsprachige Kubuntu Community Mailingliste
kubuntu-devel Kubuntu Developer Discussion
kubuntu-es Lista de correo para la comunidad hispano-hablante de Kubuntu
Kubuntu-Ro Kubuntu Romania community
kubuntu-users Kubuntu user technical support
Launchpad-announce Announcements
launchpad-users Discussion for Launchpad users
Llama-charmers llama-charmers
loco-contacts Ubuntu local community team (LoCo) contacts
Locoteams-dev discussing code that helps LoCoTeams prosper
Lubuntu-devel Lubuntu development, testing and bug management
Lubuntu-users Lubuntu Help and User Discussions
Lucid-changes Lucid Lynx archive upload notification list
lunar-changes Lunar changes
Maas-devel Mailing list for discussing the development of MAAS
mantic-changes Mantic changes
Maverick-changes Maverick Meerkat archive upload notification list
Mir-devel Mir Development
Mir-testing Mir Testing
Motu-council [OBSOLETE] administrative list for motu-council, also handles motu new developer applications.
Natty-changes Natty Narwhal archive upload notification list
noble-changes Noble changes
Oneiric-changes Oneiric Ocelot archive upload notification list
Openstack-charmers Openstack Charmers
Openstack-packaging [no description available]
oracular-changes Oracular changes
Precise-changes Precise Pangolin archive upload notification list
Quantal-changes Quantal Quetzal archive upload notification list
Raring-changes Raring Ringtail archive upload notification list
rosetta-users This list is CLOSED, please use launchpad-users instead
Rtm-14.09-changes Ubuntu RTM archive upload notification list
Saucy-changes Saucy Salamander archive upload notification list
Snapcraft-announce To coordinate snapd packaging notifications
sounder [OBSOLETE] Ubuntu community random chit-chat list
storm Discussion of the Storm Object Relational Mapper for the Python Language
Summit-news Ubuntu Summit news
Team-council-members [OBSOLETE] Please go to instead
technical-board The Ubuntu Technical Board, which governs technical policy in Ubuntu
Trusty-changes Trusty Tahr archive upload notification list
Ubuntu-accessibility mailing list of the accessibility team
Ubuntu-accessibility-bugs Bug contact for the Ubuntu Accessibility Team
Ubuntu-accessibility-devel Ubuntu Accessibility development discussions
Ubuntu-ae Ubuntu UAE Mailing List
Ubuntu-af Afghanistan Ubuntu Loco Team
ubuntu-announce Ubuntu Announcements
Ubuntu-app-devel [no description available]
Ubuntu-ar Ubuntu User Group Argentina
Ubuntu-arabic Ubuntu-Arabic team
ubuntu-archive Ubuntu Archive Team discussion and co-ordination
ubuntu-art Discussion on Ubuntu artwork
Ubuntu-ast Comunidá Asturiana d'Ubuntu
Ubuntu-at Ubuntu Austria LoCo Team Mailingliste
ubuntu-au Ubuntu in Australia
Ubuntu-au-wa Ubuntu Western Australia Local Community Team list
Ubuntu-az Ubuntu Azerbaijan
ubuntu-ba Ubuntu LoCo tim Bosne i Hercegovine
ubuntu-backports Backports Discussion
ubuntu-bd Ubuntu Bangladesh
ubuntu-be Ubuntu Belgium
Ubuntu-bf [no description available]
Ubuntu-bg Ubuntu users in Bulgaria
Ubuntu-bh Ubuntu users in Bahrain
Ubuntu-bj-ctn Cotonou, Benin LoCo team
Ubuntu-bluetooth Discussion about Bluetooth on Ubuntu
Ubuntu-bo Lista de discusión de Bolivia - Ubuntu LoCo Team
ubuntu-br Lista de discussão da Comunidade Ubuntu Brasil
Ubuntu-br-council [no description available]
Ubuntu-bs [no description available]
ubuntu-bugs Ubuntu bug tracker changes - HIGH VOLUME
Ubuntu-bugsquad Discussion about reporting, triaging and working with bugs
Ubuntu-burning Mailing list for the ubuntu burning team
Ubuntu-by Ubuntu Belarus Team
ubuntu-ca The Canadian Ubuntu Users Community
Ubuntu-cat Ubuntu Catalan mailing list
ubuntu-cd Ubuntu Democratic Republic of Congo
Ubuntu-ch Ubuntu Swiss Users
ubuntu-changes-auto Archive upload notification list, for automated uploads to all Ubuntu releases
Ubuntu-ci Communauté Ivoirienne UBUNTU
Ubuntu-cl Ubuntu Chile
Ubuntu-classroom Ubuntu Classroom Management
Ubuntu-classroom-es Ubuntu Classroom project in Spanish
Ubuntu-cloud Discussions about Ubuntu Cloud
Ubuntu-cloud-announce Official announcements about Ubuntu Cloud and Guests
Ubuntu-cm Ubuntu Cameroon Local Community Team
Ubuntu-co Ubuntu Colombia
Ubuntu-community-team A place where organisers (not necessarily developers) in our community discuss upcoming events, initiatives, get help and hang out.
Ubuntu-core-marketing Ubuntu Core Marketing Team List
ubuntu-cr Costa Rica Ubuntu LoCoTeam
Ubuntu-cu Fraternidad de Ubuntu Cuba
Ubuntu-cy Ubuntu-cy LoCo Team
Ubuntu-cym Ubuntu Cymru / Wales LoCo Talk
Ubuntu-DCT Debian Collaboration Team
ubuntu-de Ubuntu-Diskussion
Ubuntu-de-events Ubuntu auf Veranstaltungen im Raum DE.
ubuntu-desktop Desktop Team co-ordination and discussion
ubuntu-devel Ubuntu Development (developers)
ubuntu-devel-announce Developer-related announcements and information
Ubuntu-devel-discuss Ubuntu Development (users and developers)
Ubuntu-directory Ubuntu Directory Team
ubuntu-distributed-devel Discussion of the Ubuntu Distributed Development initiative
ubuntu-dk Dansk mailingliste til det danske Ubuntu LocoTeam til diskussion/koordination af aktiviteter
Ubuntu-do Ubuntu Dominican Republic
ubuntu-doc Documentation team coordination and discussion
Ubuntu-doc-spa Documentación de Ubuntu en español
Ubuntu-dz Ubuntu Algeria
Ubuntu-ec Ubuntu-EC mailist
Ubuntu-ec2 Ubuntu EC2 List
ubuntu-education Education topics across any Ubuntu product
Ubuntu-eg Ubuntu Egypt LoCo Team
ubuntu-es Asistencia para usuarios de Ubuntu en Castellano
Ubuntu-es-es Ubuntu España
Ubuntu-es-l10n Lista de coordinación del equipo de traducción al español de Ubuntu
Ubuntu-et Ubuntu Ethiopia
Ubuntu-event-planners Ubuntu Event Planners
ubuntu-fi Sähköpostilista Ubuntu-keskustelulle (Ubuntu Finland)
ubuntu-flavors Cross-flavor discussion
ubuntu-fr Liste de discussion sur Ubuntu
Ubuntu-fr-l10n Liste pour la coordination de l'équipe francophone de traduction d'Ubuntu
Ubuntu-gal [no description available]
Ubuntu-ge Ubuntu Georgian Users Mailing List
Ubuntu-GNOME Ubuntu GNOME Coordination and Discussion
Ubuntu-gr Ubuntu Greece discussion list
ubuntu-gt Ubuntu Guatemala
ubuntu-hardened Ubuntu security discussion
ubuntu-hk Ubuntu HK LoCo Team
Ubuntu-hn Ubuntu Honduras
ubuntu-hu Hungarian LoCo team mailing list
ubuntu-id Ubuntu User Group Indonesia.
Ubuntu-ie Ubuntu Ireland Mailing List
ubuntu-in Ubuntu India Local Community
Ubuntu-in-ap Ubuntu Andhra Pradesh Local Community
Ubuntu-in-dl Ubuntu Delhi Loco Team List
Ubuntu-in-gj Ubuntu India - Gujarat
Ubuntu-installer Ubuntu installer development
Ubuntu-ir Ubuntu Iranian Team Mailing List
Ubuntu-irc Ubuntu IRC issues discussion list
ubuntu-it Supporto per gli utenti Italiani di Ubuntu
Ubuntu-java [no description available]
Ubuntu-jo Ubuntu Jordan Local Community Team
Ubuntu-jobs ANNOUNCE of Ubuntu related jobs
ubuntu-jp Ubuntu Japanese Local Community Team
Ubuntu-ke Ubuntu Kenyan LoCoTeam Mailing List
Ubuntu-kg Ubuntu Kyrgyzstan
Ubuntu-kh Ubuntu Cambodia
ubuntu-ko Korean Ubuntu Users Mailing List
Ubuntu-kur Listeya bikarheneren Ubuntu ya kurdi
Ubuntu-kw [no description available]
Ubuntu-kz Ubuntu Kazakstan Loco Team List
Ubuntu-l10n-am Ubuntu Amharic Translation and user
Ubuntu-l10n-amh Ubuntu Amharic translation
Ubuntu-l10n-ara Arabic translators list - القائمة البريدية لترجمة أوبونتو العربية
Ubuntu-l10n-arn Ubuntu Mapudungun Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-ast Ubuntu Asturian Translators
Ubuntu-l10n-bel Ubuntu Belarusian Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-ben Ubuntu Bengali Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-ca Ubuntu Catalan Translators list -- Llista de traducció de l'Ubuntu al català
Ubuntu-l10n-eng A list for English translations
Ubuntu-l10n-est Ubuntu Estonian translators
Ubuntu-l10n-eus Ubuntu Basque translators list
Ubuntu-l10n-fas Ubuntu Persian Translation (ترجمهٔ فارسی اوبونتو)
Ubuntu-l10n-fin Ubuntu Finnish translators (Ubuntun suomentajaryhmä)
Ubuntu-l10n-gl List for coordination of Ubuntu Galician translation team
Ubuntu-l10n-guc Ubuntu Wayuunaiki Translation discussion
Ubuntu-l10n-he Ubuntu Hebrew Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-hu List for coordination of Ubuntu Hungarian translation team
Ubuntu-l10n-ie Ubuntu Irish Translation Team
ubuntu-l10n-it Mailing list del gruppo di traduzione italiano
Ubuntu-l10n-kir Ubuntu Kirghiz Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-ko Ubuntu Korean Translators
Ubuntu-l10n-kur Listeya wergerandina Ubuntu bi kurdi
Ubuntu-l10n-kw Cornish translation team
Ubuntu-l10n-lao [no description available]
Ubuntu-l10n-lin Ubuntu Lingala Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-mal Ubuntu Malayalam Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-mar List for coordination of Ubuntu Marathi translation team
Ubuntu-l10n-mhr Translating Ubuntu to Meadow Mari
Ubuntu-l10n-miq Ubuntu Miskito Translators
Ubuntu-l10n-mlg Ubuntu Malagasy Translators
Ubuntu-l10n-my Ubuntu Burmese Translators List
Ubuntu-l10n-nds [no description available]
Ubuntu-l10n-nl Dutch Translations for Ubuntu
Ubuntu-l10n-oci Còla de revirada en occitan d'Ubuntu
Ubuntu-l10n-oji Ubuntu Ojibwe Translators
Ubuntu-l10n-ori [no description available]
Ubuntu-l10n-ptbr Brazilian translators list
Ubuntu-l10n-que [no description available]
ubuntu-l10n-ru List for coordination of Ubuntu Russian translation team
Ubuntu-l10n-shs Discussing Ubuntu Secwepemctsín L10N
Ubuntu-l10n-slo [no description available]
Ubuntu-l10n-swa Ubuntu Swahili Tranlators Team mailing list.
Ubuntu-l10n-tam உபுண்டு தமிழாக்க மடலாடற் குழு
Ubuntu-l10n-tha Ubuntu Thai Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-tib [no description available]
Ubuntu-l10n-urd Ubuntu Urdu Translation
Ubuntu-l10n-wol Ubuntu Wolof translation team
Ubuntu-l10n-yid Yiddish translation team (ubuntu-l10n-yi)
Ubuntu-l10n-zh [no description available]
Ubuntu-lb Ubuntu Lebanon Location Team
Ubuntu-leadership ubuntu-leadership
Ubuntu-lk Ubuntu Sri Lanka
Ubuntu-lr Ubuntu Liberia
Ubuntu-lt Ubuntu Lithuania
Ubuntu-lu Ubuntu Luxembourgian Users
Ubuntu-lv Ubuntu Latvijas kopiena
Ubuntu-ma Ubuntu Moroccan Users
Ubuntu-md Ubuntu Moldova
Ubuntu-me Ubuntu Montenegro Loco Team
Ubuntu-membership-boards [no description available]
Ubuntu-mg Ubuntu Madagascar LoCo Team
ubuntu-mirrors Announcements, feedback and discussion for Ubuntu mirror maintainers
Ubuntu-mirrors-announce Ubuntu Mirror Announcement List
Ubuntu-mk Ubuntu Macedonia LoCo Team
Ubuntu-ml Ubuntu Mali
Ubuntu-mono Packaging Mono for Ubuntu
Ubuntu-motu mailing list of the Masters Of The Universe
Ubuntu-motu-mentors [OBSOLETE] MOTU Mentoring happens here
Ubuntu-motu-p2p [no description available]
ubuntu-motu-science development and discussion of Science applications in Ubuntu
Ubuntu-mozillateam Ubuntu Mozilla packaging team
Ubuntu-mozillateam-bugs Ubuntu Mozilla bugs
Ubuntu-mt Ubuntu Malta
ubuntu-mx Lista de correos de la comunidad de Ubuntu Linux en Mexico
Ubuntu-mx-df [no description available]
Ubuntu-my Malaysian Team Mailing List
Ubuntu-mythtv Ubuntu's MythTV & Mythbuntu teams
Ubuntu-mz Ubuntu Mozambique LoCo List
ubuntu-na Ubuntu LoCo Team Namibia Mailing List
Ubuntu-ne Ubuntu Niger
ubuntu-news News about Ubuntu interesting to users and developers alike
ubuntu-news-team Submit and discuss any Ubuntu related news stories
Ubuntu-news-translations Ubuntu Weekly News Translation Team
Ubuntu-ng Ubuntu Nigeria
Ubuntu-ni Lista de correos del Grupo Ubuntu Nicaragua.
Ubuntu-NL Nederlandstalige Ubuntu ondersteuning en discussie
ubuntu-no Generell epost-liste for Ubuntu Norge
Ubuntu-nordic Ubuntu Nordic
Ubuntu-np Discussion list for Ubuntu Nepal
ubuntu-nz Advocacy and discussion about Ubuntu in New Zealand
Ubuntu-openstack-bugs Ubuntu OpenStack Bug Mail
Ubuntu-pa Ubuntu Panamá
Ubuntu-patch-reviews Ubuntu patch reviews list
ubuntu-patches Ubuntu patch upload notifications - HIGH VOLUME
ubuntu-pe Ubuntu Peruvian LoCo Team
Ubuntu-pg Papua New Guinea Ubuntu Users
ubuntu-ph Mailing List para sa Ubuntu Pilipinas (Philippines)
Ubuntu-pk Ubuntu-Linux Pakistan Team
ubuntu-pl Polska lista dyskusyjna u¿ytkowników Ubuntu
ubuntu-pl-l10n List for coordination of Ubuntu Polish translation team
ubuntu-platform Ubuntu Platform
Ubuntu-PR Equipo Puerto Rico "LoCo" de Ubuntu
Ubuntu-ps القائمة البريدية لفريق أوبنتو الفلسطيني
ubuntu-pt Lista de Discussão sobre o Ubuntu
Ubuntu-qa Ubuntu Qatar
Ubuntu-quality Ubuntu Quality Assurance (testing and bug triage) discussion list
Ubuntu-quebec Ubuntu Québec
Ubuntu-release Ubuntu release co-ordination and discussion
Ubuntu-reviews Discussion of Ubuntu merge proposals
ubuntu-ro Lista de discutii a echipei Ubuntu România
Ubuntu-rs Ubuntu Serbia Local Community Team
ubuntu-ru Mailing list for Russian-speaking Ubuntu users
Ubuntu-screencasts Ubuntu screencast team list
Ubuntu-scribes Help augment and enhance the archival of Ubuntu community meetings and events.
Ubuntu-sd Ubuntu Sudan
ubuntu-se Ubuntu Sverige
ubuntu-security-announce Ubuntu Security Announcements
ubuntu-security-patch Ubuntu Security Patch Announcements
ubuntu-server Ubuntu Server Development mailing list
Ubuntu-server-arm [no description available]
Ubuntu-server-bugs Server bug tracker changes
Ubuntu-SG The Singapore Ubuntu Team
Ubuntu-si Ubuntu Slovenija
Ubuntu-sn Ubuntu Senegal
ubuntu-soc Discussion list for Ubuntu participants in the Google Summer of Code programme
Ubuntu-sponsors [no description available]
Ubuntu-students Ubuntu students Mailing list.
ubuntu-studio-devel Ubuntu Studio Development
ubuntu-studio-users Ubuntu Studio Users
Ubuntu-sugarteam Sugar Learning Environment for Ubuntu
Ubuntu-sv Ubuntu El Salvador
Ubuntu-sy Ubuntu Syria Mailist
Ubuntu-tam உபுண்டு பயனர் மடலாடற் குழு - தமிழகம்
Ubuntu-telepathy Discussion about Telepathy on Ubuntu
Ubuntu-tn Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team Mailing List
ubuntu-tr Ubuntu Turkiye Users and Developers List
ubuntu-translators Discussion about translating Ubuntu
Ubuntu-tt Trinidad and Tobago Loco Team
Ubuntu-TW Ubuntu Taiwan LoCo Team
Ubuntu-tz Ubuntu LocoTeam in Tanzania
Ubuntu-ua Ubuntu Ukraine
Ubuntu-ug Ubuntu Uganda
ubuntu-uk UK Ubuntu Talk
Ubuntu-universe-sponsors [OBSOLETE] List for sponsors for Master of the Universe
Ubuntu-us US LoCo Teams
Ubuntu-us-ak The Alaska Ubuntu Local Community Mailing List
Ubuntu-us-al Alabama LoCo Team
Ubuntu-us-ar Ubuntu US Arkansas
Ubuntu-us-az The mailing list for Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo Team
Ubuntu-us-ca Ubuntu US California
Ubuntu-us-chicago Ubuntu Chicago Local Community Team Mailing List
Ubuntu-us-co Ubuntu Colorado Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-ct Ubuntu Connecticut Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-dc Ubuntu US District of Columbia
Ubuntu-us-eastcoast Ubuntu US East Coast
Ubuntu-us-fl Mailing list for Ubuntu Florida LoCo Team
Ubuntu-us-ga Georgia Ubuntu Mailing List
Ubuntu-US-IA Ubuntu Iowa Team
Ubuntu-us-id Ubuntu US Idaho
Ubuntu-us-il Ubuntu Illinois Local Community Team Mailing List
Ubuntu-us-in Ubuntu's Indiana Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-ks Kansas Ubuntu Users Mailing List
Ubuntu-us-ky Kentucky LoCo Team mailing list
Ubuntu-us-la Ubuntu Louisiana Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-ma Ubuntu Massachusetts Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-md Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team
Ubuntu-us-me Ubuntu Maine-iacs LoCo Team list
ubuntu-us-mi Ubuntu Michigan Local Community Team
ubuntu-us-mn Ubuntu Minnesota Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-mo Ubuntu Missouri Team
Ubuntu-US-MS Mailing List for the Mississippi Ubuntu LoCo Team
ubuntu-us-nc Ubuntu North Carolina Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-nd Ubuntu North Dakota Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-ne Ubuntu Nebraska Local Community Team
Ubuntu-US-NH Ubuntu New Hampshire LoCo Team
Ubuntu-us-nj Mailing list for the Ubuntu New Jersey LoCo Team
ubuntu-us-nm Ubuntu US New Mexico LoCo Team
ubuntu-us-nv Ubuntu Nevada Local Community Team
ubuntu-us-oh Ubuntu Ohio
Ubuntu-us-ok Oklahoma LoCo list
Ubuntu-us-or Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team
Ubuntu-us-pa Ubuntu has got a friend in Pennsylvania
Ubuntu-us-pnw Ubuntu- PNWTeam
ubuntu-us-ri Ubuntu Rhode Island Local Community Team
ubuntu-us-sc Ubuntu US - South Carolina
ubuntu-us-sd Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo Team
Ubuntu-US-TN Ubuntu Tennessee LoCo Team
Ubuntu-us-tx Ubuntu Texas Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-tx-dallas Ubuntu DallasTeam Mailing List
ubuntu-us-ut Ubuntu Utah Local Community Team
Ubuntu-us-va Ubuntu US Virginia
Ubuntu-us-vt Ubuntu Vermont Local Community Team
ubuntu-us-wa Ubuntu Washington State Local Community List
Ubuntu-us-wi Ubuntu US Wisconsin Local Community Team
ubuntu-us-wv Ubuntu West Virginia Local Community Team
ubuntu-users Ubuntu user technical support, not for general discussions
Ubuntu-utah-devel Ubuntu Test Automation Harness Development discussion, for all those people wanting to contribute test cases and provisioning methods
Ubuntu-uy Grupo de usuarios de Ubuntu Linux del Uruguay
ubuntu-ve Ubuntu de Venezuela
Ubuntu-VN Ubuntu VN
Ubuntu-Women Ubuntu-Women
Ubuntu-x Discussion of improving X stability and performance on Ubuntu
ubuntu-za Ubuntu South African Local Community
ubuntu-zh ubuntu-zh mailing lists
Ubuntu-zm Ubuntu Zambia
Ubuntu-zw Zimbabwe Local Team
Ubuntukylin-devel Ubuntu Kylin Development Discussion
Ubuntukylin-users Ubuntu Kylin Support and User Discussions
ubuntustudio-testing [no description available]
universe-bugs Universe bug tracker changes - HIGH VOLUME
upstart-devel Upstart development
Vivid-changes Vivid Vervet archive upload notification list
warty-changes WartyWarthog archive upload notification list [Historical]
Wily-changes Wily Werewolf changes
Xenial-changes Xenial Xerus changes
Xubuntu-bugs Xubuntu Bugs Discussion
Xubuntu-contacts Press, research etc. inquiries about Xubuntu
xubuntu-devel Xubuntu Development Discussion
xubuntu-users Xubuntu Support and User Discussions
Yakkety-changes Yakkety Yak changes
Zesty-changes Zesty Zapus changes

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