[xubuntu-users] MS Office Online Native Wrapper For Xubuntu

andreas andreasbayu89 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 02:16:10 UTC 2020

"Yet, you want yet another alternative? What for?"

simple: options. Advocating people to migrate will easier when they feel 
comfort with little learning curve to a new environments. I do believe 
we all are happy to introduced family/coworkers to FOSS community :)

"What is the point of bringing closed source software to an open OS 

I am no programmer, sir. Is wrapper a closed source software to begin 
with? I supposed it workflow just like another web browser, just a 
little easier to use by user. Also, there is a linux distro packaged 
this app in their distribution. I can assumed this approach as good 
marketing to get more people, at least know linux first, and then 
gradually shifting to another alternatives. We can also see more distros 
copying OSX appearance in their default setting for the same reason, right?

On 04/01/20 20.29, Klaus Maas wrote:
> Yet, you want yet another alternative? What for?
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