[xubuntu-users] MS Office Online Native Wrapper discussion

lefty leftystrat1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 13:48:11 UTC 2020

*IF* the native browser, "Web", functions with Office, you can save it 
as a 'web app', which will put an icon on the desktop. I haven't tried 
this function with other browsers, but it's probably available via 
addon. Or a saved shortcut, if I understand correctly.

Having said that, I can't resist my own soapbox....

MS does not touch my machines. This is the main reason I switched: I 
couldn't deal with their train wreck of an OS (and their attitude).

After Win10, there should have been a mass exodus to other OSes. People 
are unbelievably ignorant and some are downright stupid. Win10 is an 
advertising platform and privacy sink that adds nothing to the 
conversation. It's also slow. People will tolerate anything, no matter 
how invasive, e.g. FB.

In my years running linux as my primary (or sole) OS, I've talked to 
tons of people about running it. Many have literally no idea what it is. 
Even more are terrified because they HEARD it's all command line. Spend 
10 minutes w XFCE and you can make a desktop that looks and/or functions 
just like Win. People naturally don't like change and won't look forward 
to a different OS. They have to have it in their hands and like it 
before they agree (live USB is great for this).

Based upon experience, I'd say the wrapper requested will not be a major 
deal either way, as you can open the app in most(?) browsers. I'd say a 
larger group is people who would be ok with switching, but know they 
can't use Program X because it was never ported to linux and won't run 
right (or at all) under WINE (games are huge here). Some people run 
virtual machines because their special software only runs under Win.

We have a long way to go to get people to use the OS. Most aren't 
interested. Those who are curious can try your machine or a live USB. 
There's precious little to learn, coming from other OSes. Click menu, 
click program. Click desktop icon. Rearrange to your liking. If you get 
stuck, there's no shortage of online info, LUGs, and some young kid next 
door. Our biggest group is probably people who are SICK of Windows.


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