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David Wright daveubuntu71 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 15:11:30 UTC 2019

On Tue, 9 Apr 2019 at 04:32, Ralf Mardorf <silver.bullet at zoho.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Apr 2019 18:11:37 -0700, fred roller wrote:
> >My experience with the hybrid hdd/SSD was to partition main storage
> >(data being less sought) on the hdd and, if memory serves me, put the
> >boot partition on the hdd. I wasn't overly concerned with boot time
> >since I rarely booted. What went on the SSD was anything that needs
> >fast access etc.
> >
> >Personally, I put the few extra $$ in a 10k rpm hdd to help offset a
> >bottle neck. Since then I moved to a pure SSD system and moved the 5
> >Tb of media to a network storage device. The one I bought supports ssh
> >mounting and ais easily seen as just another directory.
> My machine has got 8 GiB of RAM. The default half of the available
> memory, in my case 3.9 GiB are used for tmpfs. On Arch Linux, the Linux
> I use more often than Ubuntu, /tmp is a tmpfs. It is enough space to
> compile something that huge as a kernel in /tmp, but still not enough
> to compile bloatware such as Firefox.
> On a hybrid it seems to be the best approach to care about everything
> that needs fast access. IOW bloatware that is not running the whole
> day, recording and playing real-time audio production data etc..
> I would not care about boot time or applications that are loaded when
> starting a session and then will run forever. IMO it doesn't matter if
> starting a session takes 2 seconds or 2 minutes, neither if you turn
> your computer off and on two times a day, let alone if it runs 24/7.
> As already pointed out, taking care about write cycles is a no-go for
> me. I'm using my SSDs without taking special care and without worry. If
> I would play my guitars less often, the frets would wear off less. If
> I would walk less often wearing shoes... What after all does it amount
> to?
> For backups and archiving data I'm using HDDs not just because those do
> cost less money. HDDs that seldom spin down and up, IOW that either are
> on or off most of the times, are safe for ages.
> Since SSDs are not that expensive anymore and I like to have a silent
> computer, IMO it's best to use SSDs inside the computer only and to use
> external HDDs.
> You could have archives with hundreds of TiB on external media, inside
> the computer likely most of us usually just need between 500 GiB and 1
> TiB.
> To backup my 1 TiB iPadPro with my Linux PC I soon or later will mount
> an additional TiB to the around 1 TiB of SSD already mounted to my Linux
> PC.
Many thanks for all the interesting responses.  I think it has convinced me
to go SSD only inside the PC and put all the music & videos on a NAS for
access from PC/phone/tablet/TV.

Ralf, I especially like your "not treating them with kid gloves" attitude -
love the guitar frets analogy!

Staying on SSDs just for one more question - is TRIM still

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