[xubuntu-users] video problem after installation on DVD

fred roller fredroller66 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 21:09:29 UTC 2018

does the system live boot with video intact?

On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 2:43 PM, Jim Graham <spooky130u at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 06, 2018 at 11:01:44AM -0800, Luke Van Dervoort wrote:
> > dude, sorry about the chemo. Mine went like a breeze this year. That
> > chemical must be nasty.
> OT minute...sorry: Let's put it this way....  I was talking with my
> oncologists' nurse practitioner one afternoon when I had an appointment
> with them.  We were talking about advancements (and my Cancer Research
> Blogs site), and we got into chemo, then Cisplatin.  I gave her my
> description, (again, "100^% pure distilled evil in an IV bag."  She just
> looked at me and very flatly said, "Yeah, that's about right.")  And now,
> 10 years later since the worst chemo, I'm still seeing new issues because
> of Cisplatin.  Yeah, it's evil stuff.
> > Anyhow, here's a thought. Do you have a pc keyboard around somewhere?
> > I'm thinking if you plug that in a long with the mac keyboard you might
> > be able to switch to another tty to see what your doing. Tty is usual
> > ctrl-alt-f1 through about f8
> > Have you tried a later version of xubuntu?
> No, but I did try the latest version of Slackware, on the hopeful
> assumption that, given that its install is text-based, that it MIGHT
> work.  It didn't.  Oh well, a few minutes and one blank DVD-R spent
> on what, if it had worked, would be a nice work-around.  And just
> for what it's worth, I also saw Tux (penguin Tux, not my cat, Tux) on
> the Refit boot menu and on the screen for a few seconds before the
> screen went black (and stayed for at least five minutes before I pulled
> the cord to reboot into Mac OS X again).
> I'm not even sure if either has actually booted, or started to and quit.
> I've thought of asking if someone could create an iso with the drivers
> installed, but that's a LOT to ask, and I'm extremely hesitant to do so
> (mentioning it is one thing, as I'm not expecting or asking anyone to
> do so; actually asking is another, at least, IMHO).
> > I installed ubuntu on a mac mini about the same age, can't remember how I
> > did it ...
> You may have had a different graphics card.  Mac made that one of the
> options, at least when I bought mine.  If I'd known then what I'd be
> going through now because of that choice.....
> I really hate the idea of just upgrading Mac OS X, because I didn't like
> Apple's concept of a Unix variant or X11 from day one.  I consider this
> a major upgrade away from Apple and back home.  I started out with Linux
> back when Slackware wasn't born yet (only by a month or two), building
> my own BSD-based Linux.  But that was before cancer #1.  But that's all
> ancient history now thanks to cancer #1.
> Either way, thanks.  And I know I've at least seen mention of people who
> apparently got xubuntu working with the AMD Radeon 6630M, but that was
> on Google, and the posts had either been moved or didn't exist anymore.
> Just to make sure...ubuntu and its variants do support the Intel I7 in
> the AMD64 iso, right?
> On a related topic, does anyone know of any Linux variant that supports
> my graphics card from the iso image?  The plan with slackware, if it
> worked, was to use it in text mode only, pull the drivers down via
> Mac OS X from the Xorg driver modules page, and then fix up my own
> distribution for xubuntu with the drivers installed.  If I can just get
> any Linux working in plain text mode, I should be able to do that.
> Thanks,
>    --jim
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