[xubuntu-users] video problem after installation on DVD

Jim Graham spooky130u at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 19:43:23 UTC 2018

On Sat, Jan 06, 2018 at 11:01:44AM -0800, Luke Van Dervoort wrote:
> dude, sorry about the chemo. Mine went like a breeze this year. That
> chemical must be nasty.

OT minute...sorry: Let's put it this way....  I was talking with my
oncologists' nurse practitioner one afternoon when I had an appointment
with them.  We were talking about advancements (and my Cancer Research
Blogs site), and we got into chemo, then Cisplatin.  I gave her my
description, (again, "100^% pure distilled evil in an IV bag."  She just
looked at me and very flatly said, "Yeah, that's about right.")  And now,
10 years later since the worst chemo, I'm still seeing new issues because
of Cisplatin.  Yeah, it's evil stuff.

> Anyhow, here's a thought. Do you have a pc keyboard around somewhere?
> I'm thinking if you plug that in a long with the mac keyboard you might
> be able to switch to another tty to see what your doing. Tty is usual
> ctrl-alt-f1 through about f8

> Have you tried a later version of xubuntu?

No, but I did try the latest version of Slackware, on the hopeful
assumption that, given that its install is text-based, that it MIGHT
work.  It didn't.  Oh well, a few minutes and one blank DVD-R spent
on what, if it had worked, would be a nice work-around.  And just
for what it's worth, I also saw Tux (penguin Tux, not my cat, Tux) on
the Refit boot menu and on the screen for a few seconds before the
screen went black (and stayed for at least five minutes before I pulled
the cord to reboot into Mac OS X again).

I'm not even sure if either has actually booted, or started to and quit.
I've thought of asking if someone could create an iso with the drivers
installed, but that's a LOT to ask, and I'm extremely hesitant to do so
(mentioning it is one thing, as I'm not expecting or asking anyone to
do so; actually asking is another, at least, IMHO).

> I installed ubuntu on a mac mini about the same age, can't remember how I
> did it ...

You may have had a different graphics card.  Mac made that one of the
options, at least when I bought mine.  If I'd known then what I'd be
going through now because of that choice.....

I really hate the idea of just upgrading Mac OS X, because I didn't like
Apple's concept of a Unix variant or X11 from day one.  I consider this
a major upgrade away from Apple and back home.  I started out with Linux
back when Slackware wasn't born yet (only by a month or two), building
my own BSD-based Linux.  But that was before cancer #1.  But that's all
ancient history now thanks to cancer #1.

Either way, thanks.  And I know I've at least seen mention of people who
apparently got xubuntu working with the AMD Radeon 6630M, but that was
on Google, and the posts had either been moved or didn't exist anymore.

Just to make sure...ubuntu and its variants do support the Intel I7 in
the AMD64 iso, right?

On a related topic, does anyone know of any Linux variant that supports
my graphics card from the iso image?  The plan with slackware, if it
worked, was to use it in text mode only, pull the drivers down via
Mac OS X from the Xorg driver modules page, and then fix up my own
distribution for xubuntu with the drivers installed.  If I can just get
any Linux working in plain text mode, I should be able to do that.


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