[xubuntu-users] Linux & Usability (was: Re: Update failure / disk full error)

Rog linux.rog at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 19:20:32 UTC 2017

On 07/06/2017 02:14 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>> On Thursday, July 06, 2017 10:04 AM, Roger wrote:
>>> End users should not have to face such an obscure problem.
> OTOH "end users" should consider that even a user-friendly Linux distro
> such as Ubuntu with it's flavours, such as Xubuntu, still is a Linux
> distro. Linux neither is a competitor to proprietary operating systems,
> nor a replacement for a proprietary operating system. Lot's of the
> advantages Linux has got are caused by the required self-responsibility
> of the Linux users. IOW as soon as you make Linux as user-friendly as
> proprietary operating systems, you also lose a lot, if not all of the
> advantages of Linux. You cannot take a left turn by turning to the
> right. Linux simply isn't the right operating system for all users. A
> skateboard isn't the right tool for somebody who needs a wheeled
> walker. If you design a skateboard to make it a tool for somebody who
> needs a wheeled walker, then the skateboard does lose all it's sporty
> advantages. If somebody needs a wheeled walker, then why using a
> skateboard instead of a wheeled walker? If somebody needs a proprietary
> operating system, then why using Linux?

I heartily disagree with this conclusion. I think that it reflects a personal 
and worthy approach to Linux. And, I was partially motivated to move to Linux 
for similar reasons.

However, common, ordinary folk use Linux to avoid the high operating and 
maintenance costs of other O$es. For example, a colleague / librarian 
rehabilitates old Window$ boxes and installs Linux. He puts them into the 
hands of  people who are disadvantaged and can not afford to replace PCs over 
and over again as well as licensing costs, etc.

Many organizations - governments, domestic and foreign, libraries, etc., are 
moving to Linux.

I participated in a teaching / transitioning exercise in a small town in El 
Salvador, Santa Marta. They had a "computer center" in the local school, 
running donated PCs. Their eyes lit up when I showed them how to install and 
use Linux.

Linux is the future for many and must mature some more to make it more user 
friendly. Better than a "proprietary" OS which also have analogous problems. 
It took me many days and a lot of searching to find out why one, 
still-supported version, would not update. I found conflicting solutions that 
didn't work until after several tries over a period of days. It is fallacious 
to suggest that users should be steered towards proprietary solutions that can 
be at least, if not more, vexing. Not to mention, costly and prone to rampant 
security problems. Wanacry?

So I continue to advocate for Linux for everyday users.

Respectfully yours, /Roger
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