[xubuntu-users] Update failure / disk full error

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Thu Jul 6 06:14:17 UTC 2017

>On Thursday, July 06, 2017 10:04 AM, Roger wrote: 
>> End users should not have to face such an obscure problem.

OTOH "end users" should consider that even a user-friendly Linux distro
such as Ubuntu with it's flavours, such as Xubuntu, still is a Linux
distro. Linux neither is a competitor to proprietary operating systems,
nor a replacement for a proprietary operating system. Lot's of the
advantages Linux has got are caused by the required self-responsibility
of the Linux users. IOW as soon as you make Linux as user-friendly as
proprietary operating systems, you also lose a lot, if not all of the
advantages of Linux. You cannot take a left turn by turning to the
right. Linux simply isn't the right operating system for all users. A
skateboard isn't the right tool for somebody who needs a wheeled
walker. If you design a skateboard to make it a tool for somebody who
needs a wheeled walker, then the skateboard does lose all it's sporty
advantages. If somebody needs a wheeled walker, then why using a
skateboard instead of a wheeled walker? If somebody needs a proprietary
operating system, then why using Linux?


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