[xubuntu-users] Repository driver for nvidia laptop card NVS3100M?

JMZ florentior at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 03:44:54 UTC 2016


Would anyone know if the repositories contain a driver for the nvidia 
NVS3100M laptop video card?  The box is a Lenovo T510 (built 2010 but 
bought a week ago; old refurbished boxen are fine for my needs.)  For 
some reason the laptop is iffy with xscreensaver.  Sometimes it works 
fine, and other times it causes video distortion (screen blank, not 
refreshing).  Not a hardware problem, as the laptop works just fine with 
xscreensaver disabled.  Maybe fitting the right driver might help.  Bug 
report already filed.

There are some ppa's out there for nvidia drivers, but the laptop at 
hand is far too old for anything an experimental ppa would burp up.



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