[xubuntu-users] Repository driver for nvidia laptop card NVS3100M?

François P. Rotzinger Am843 at gmx.ch
Thu Dec 29 08:10:58 UTC 2016


Some time ago, I installed 16.04.1 (Unity) on a T410s with the same 
graphics card. After the installation of the proprietary drivers, I 
could even switch between the Intel and nVidia graphics, whereby 
logout/login was required, but no reboot.

Good luck!


On 12/29/2016 04:44 AM, JMZ wrote:
> Hi,
> Would anyone know if the repositories contain a driver for the nvidia 
> NVS3100M laptop video card?  The box is a Lenovo T510 (built 2010 but 
> bought a week ago; old refurbished boxen are fine for my needs.)  For 
> some reason the laptop is iffy with xscreensaver.  Sometimes it works 
> fine, and other times it causes video distortion (screen blank, not 
> refreshing).  Not a hardware problem, as the laptop works just fine 
> with xscreensaver disabled.  Maybe fitting the right driver might 
> help.  Bug report already filed.
> There are some ppa's out there for nvidia drivers, but the laptop at 
> hand is far too old for anything an experimental ppa would burp up.
> Thanks,
> Jordan

François P. Rotzinger
Chemin des Vignes 20
CH-1373 Chavornay

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