[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu 16.04 : no more xfce4-mixer?!

Victor Forberger vforberger at fastmail.fm
Tue Dec 27 20:19:07 UTC 2016

On 12/27/2016 02:14 PM, Ulli Horlacher wrote:
> On Tue 2016-12-27 (09:53), flocculant wrote:
>> Make sure it's installed then. Package is actually called pavucontrol,
>> should be available to add to panel now.
> It is installed:
> root at watschel:~# dpkg -l | grep pavu
> ii  pavucontrol                                 3.0-3build1                                amd64        PulseAudio Volume Control
> But I cannot see it in panel's "Add New Items":
> http://fex.rus.uni-stuttgart.de:8080/fop/wTJuow5m/X-20161227210910.png
> Yes, I can start via terminal, but I would like to have it in the panel
> (easier to remember).

You gain access through the Sound menu.

In Indicator, check properties and make sure the sound menu is NOT hidden.

- Victor

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