[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu login page shows no text, when installing Xubuntu 16.04 from DVD

Derek Burrage dmburrage425 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 07:34:03 UTC 2016

Thanks to flocculant for the helpful hint:

Following the link and setting nomodeset under f6 fixed the temporary DVD
installation into memory - I got the full Xfce Desktop working and it could
see and read both my windows disks C: and D: windows partitions (:

I had less luck with the permanent HD installation, which after I opted for
dual boot with XP pro saw only my D: drive and invited me to install on
that, though it is nearly full ): C: has 3 basic partitions on it, #1 XP Pro
system boot, #2 a data area (both NTFS file systems) and #3 (150 Gb), as yet
unformatted, where I want to install xubuntu with ext4.

Question: Is there a way to make xubuntu install (with dual boot) on the C:
drive partition #3?

If that can't be done, my workaround is to free up data on the D: drive and
let xubuntu install there, but I don't know whether or how that might impact
XP Pro, which I want to preserve.

Any suggestions or comments are welcomed.

[A possible complication is that XP Pro was originally installed on a
non-Raid system disk, but with 2 other Raid Data disks on the system, and
the PC ROM Bios was set accordingly. A while back I tried unsuccessfully to
upgrade the PC to Windows 7 and/or 7/XP dual boot, but I could not install 7
without turning off the Raid option, which then made XP Pro inaccessible, or
at least, unbootable. I wonder if and how xubuntu install might handle that
situation? Any thoughts...?] 


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Try using nomodeset.


On 13/11/16 00:03, Derek Burrage wrote:
> I would appreciate advice with the following:
> I want to install Xubuntu and Xface in a new unformatted partition on 
> a vintage 2007 machine running XP pro, but can get no further than the 
> installation from the DVD image.
> I attempted to install Xubuntu 16.04 (also 16.04-1) on my PC desktop 
> using images burnt from Xubuntu-16.04(.1)-desktop-i386.iso files.
> The Problem: On the first Xubuntu screen that has a dialog box and 
> other features (a scroll bar, some radio buttons etc.) there is no text.
> Action so far: Did an IRC and a support person suggested using ESC to 
> access an older dialog box, but that was also displayed without text. 
> We suspect a problem with the Graphics card driver.
> If the problem is a driver for the Graphics card, do I need a 
> different Xubuntu build to use it? Any other workarounds?
> Request: Suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be much
> Thanks,
> Derek
> The Hardware: MOB: Intel D975XBX2 (2 Gbyte RAM), Graphics Card: XFX 
> 8500 GT 256 MB PCI, Monitor ViewSonic VA2226w.

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