[xubuntu-users] 15.10 Occasionally Hard Freezes

Ian ian at loosescre.ws
Tue Nov 17 16:29:26 UTC 2015

I am using 15.10 wily werewolf. I updated my system (apt-get update and
apt-get dist-upgrade), installed ubuntu-restricted-extras, and ran apt-get
autoremove. I update and autoremove pretty regularly, so there wasn't much
in the way of updates available or things to be removed. Installing
ubuntu-restricted-extras just swapped out my FFMPEG library versions. While
I am sure those are all good things to do, I am doubtful that any of them
will help the freezing problem.

To clarify, when the computer freezes, I can't press ctrl+alt+f1 to exit
xwindows to tty. It is really hard-frozen. I am using a Thinkpad x230.


On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 3:33 AM, JMZ <florentior at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi Ian,
> What is the operating version displayed when using using ctrl+alt+f1 to
> exit xwindows to tty?
> If it's xenial, you may have been prematurely upgraded to some/all of the
> xenial very early alpha test repositories.  This is especially true if you
> have any of the xubuntu development ppas in your /etc/apt/sources.list.
> Check sources.list to make sure that no xenial apt-get commands are
> floating around there.  Change all apt-get commands to wily.  Comment out
> developmental ppas and remove their data from sources.list.d if necessary.
> When this is done, upgrade the computer.  (Hopefully) the system will
> correct in favor of wily.  You may need to reinstall a dependency group
> like ubuntu-restricted-extras (heck, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get
> dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get ubuntu-restricted-extras && sudo apt-get
> autoremove -- get it all out of the way when you do the initial
> update/upgrade)
> Jordan
> On 11/17/2015 04:56 AM, Ian wrote:
> A couple of times per week xubuntu 15.10 hard freezes. This didn't happen
> for me with either of the previous versions of xubuntu (14.10, 14.04) I ran
> on the same hardware. In the past when I have had problems with previous
> versions of xubuntu I have been able to resolve them by switching to one of
> the TTYs and killing/restarting the offending process or at least poke
> around and identify the cause. With these freezes I have been experiencing
> in 15.10 I can't even switch to a TTY. I was just watching a video and the
> computer froze, repeating the sound buffer endlessly. It reminds me of
> Windows.
> Any ideas for debugging/identifying the cause? I don't see anything in the
> syslog.
> Ian
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