[xubuntu-users] Wrong Network device ID

Tim tim at xendistar.co.uk
Sat May 31 16:46:34 UTC 2014

On 31/05/14 17:23, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Sat, 2014-05-31 at 14:05 +0100, Tim wrote:
>> I have just done a fresh install of 14.04 on my PC and while the network
>> connection has worked out of the box, I have just noticed that rather
>> than eth0 as the device ID it has been given p2p1? How do I get Xubuntu
>> to recognise my on board network card as eth0. There are no other
>> network device installed, lspci returns
> Are you asking about the "eth0 vs enp3s0 udev" issue?
> The common name for many distro's defaults already is enp3s0 instead of
> eth0. There is a config or udev rule where you only have to edit one
> value to get back eth0 instead of enp3s0. Until you don't have tons of
> scripts using eth0, you should consider to use the not that new common
> naming pattern instead of the outdated eth0.
I was unaware that there was a change to the naming convention, to be 
honest I cant see what is gained by changing the device name and having 
had a quick google I am not the only one to think so, but hey hey ho.

Thanks for the answer Ralf.


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