[xubuntu-users] Virtual machine use for printing?

James Freer jessejazza3.uk at gmail.com
Mon May 19 20:52:06 UTC 2014

[OS Xubuntu 13.10]

I'd be grateful if someone could just guide me on the use of a virtual
machine for printing.

I have two printers Epson LQ300+ and LX300 which I want to use with
listing paper. The linux drivers don't seem to be somehow matched to
the dpi. e.g. for the LX300 looking up the windows ones 120x72,
120x144, 240x144. 120x72 is the only one listed for linux... it's
pretty poor. (Seems to be similar for the LQ300).

I've spent time reading about VM this morning hoping that I could set
one up, put on windows, acrobat or similar and then would be able to
print docs as pdf with more quality. Is this a possibility? I
understand that Wine can't be used for such things. Dual boot is the
other option but I wondered if VM would be better as it saves


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