[xubuntu-users] Posting - Top or bottom

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Fri Jan 10 23:48:46 UTC 2014

On 01/10/2014 11:36 PM, Benjamin Shadwick wrote:
> I'm not going to take an opinion here, but I'd like to mention that I
> use gmail and that it defaults to some behavior that is relevant to
> the discussion:
> - Puts quotes below the main text of a reply.
> - Hides the quotes into a tiny ellipsis button so that you don't
>   even think about them.
> - Collapses quotes in other people's messages if it can recognize
>   them as being a previous part of the email chain.

These are unfortunately among the many reasons I avoid using Gmail for
anything other than trivia (except for one LaTeX mailing list I find

> Having to weigh the effort of fighting the default behaviors of my
> chosen mail platform against the risk of being flamed when I'm just
> trying to quickly help somebody out with a problem, however, may be
> the final thing that pushes me over the edge.

I agree completely, but from a different standpoint. I use Thunderbird
for all my email (bar the one list mentioned above) and for Usenet news,
precisely so that I can adhere to a single standard behaviour (which
happens to be plaintext-only, using interleaving, but that's how I was
brought up :-)

Unfortunately I can't find a suitable equivalent for Android that has an
editor that lets me do this with my finger easily :-)


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