[xubuntu-users] Posting - Top or bottom

Benjamin Shadwick benshadwick at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 23:36:38 UTC 2014

I'm not going to take an opinion here, but I'd like to mention that I use
gmail and that it defaults to some behavior that is relevant to the
- Puts quotes below the main text of a reply.
- Hides the quotes into a tiny ellipsis button so that you don't even think
about them.
- Collapses quotes in other people's messages if it can recognize them as
being a previous part of the email chain.

I've recently been thinking about unsubscribing from this list for various
reasons (none of which have been issues with the tone of the community
before now). Having to weigh the effort of fighting the default behaviors
of my chosen mail platform against the risk of being flamed when I'm just
trying to quickly help somebody out with a problem, however, may be the
final thing that pushes me over the edge.
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