[xubuntu-users] Integrate Thunderbird/Google Calendar with panel

Bruno Benitez gridcube at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 21:13:02 UTC 2014

Hey Fred, I've found this;
maybe its something similar to what you are looking for?

Sorry i can not be of further help :(

2014-04-06 6:02 GMT-03:00 Fred Roller <fredroller66 at gmail.com>:

>  On 04/04/2014 11:07 AM, Bruno Benitez wrote:
>  you can launch orage usign:
>  orage /path/to/ical.ical
>  and the calendar will be filled by the ical file, you just have to
> figure out how to generate it from your program
> So far:
> To create the .ical file suggestions led to mainly creating a Network
> calendar in TB which pointed to a local file.  The other option is to
> export the file.  Trying to point orage to the web link .ical with google
> error-ed with:
> ** (orage:6585): WARNING **: Can not do import without dbus. import failed
> file=[link]
> neither private nor public worked.
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=806472 this link, though old,
> gave some good insight to the inner working which culminated into several
> observations and insights.
> 1. Despite a demand for integration for any calendar solution which
> integrates within Ubuntu none seems to be forth coming.  I have not looked
> to see if anything addresses this in the upcoming 14.04 release.
> 2. Though xfce used to integrate with gnome applets; due to changes in
> gnome this no longer applies and the one fix their was in the package
> "evolution-mirror" no longer works, available at
> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/evolution-mirror/ .
> My note taking leaves a lot to desire so I apologize as I get used to this
> lack of specific details.  Most of what I found was from 2012 and before
> when evolution was still the email client and integrated with gnome clock
> there-by allowing the noted work arounds which were found.
> 3. Using Orage was a popular solution to some degree but did not result in
> a bi-directional integration. As I mentioned before the solution pointed to
> an .ical file which was either created as a network calendar pointing to a
> local file or an exported file.
> 4. Most of what I read felt that a rewrite of the gnome clock API to
> integrate with more than the evolution-data-server is the best solution as
> it doesn't re-invent the wheel; just puts new rims on 'em.
> Again the solutions being offered required the installation of either
> evolution or sunbird to work. Neither of which I felt was an option as it
> defeated the purpose of not bloating the system and installing a program
> just to act as go between two other programs seemed counter intuitive.
> If I knew how to code I would look to help in this capacity by writing my
> own applet, either for google calendar or the aforementioned API clock.
> I am still on the hunt for a solution because other systems integrate too
> readily for the community to ignore.  Thank you Bruno for your suggestion
> and I feel it will work for anyone who keeps a local calendar but as
> mentioned mine syncs across devices.
> Awaiting any corrections or advice, thanks.
> Fred
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