[xubuntu-users] LTS 12.04.3 halts on two of my laptops.

Per-Magnus Thörn per-magnus at operamail.com
Sun Oct 13 08:24:56 UTC 2013

(Sorry if this is already a known issue, could not login to Launchpad,
Got the opportunity to borrow this PC.)
I have two laptops running Xubuntu LTS 12.04. After the last update they
suddenly freezes and the only way out is to power down. On my HP Compaq
NC6000 I am most often not even able to log in. No crash dump detected
if I once in a while could. Have run the memory check without problems.
This might also be a H/W problem,, it is an old mashin (Intel Pentium
Mobile from 2003 something 1 G RAM I thinh it is Intel chipset 535 or
something like that) However My son has an Sony Vaio with an 64 bit
architecture, (Intel i3, 4 GB RAM)  and when he was doing his homework
the same thing happened. The cursor is not moveable and the keyboard is
not working. Reinstalled fresh from Live CD on both mashines but the
same thing happens again when installing the updates. Since I did a
fresh install I can no longer pick an almost new version, only the
original 12.04 included in the Live CD. Works at the Sony Vaio but does
not work always on the HP NC6000.
  Per-Magnus Thörn

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