[xubuntu-users] LTS 12.04.3 halts on two of my laptops.

Marc Coevoet marcc at dommel.be
Sun Oct 13 08:35:34 UTC 2013

op 13-10-13 10:24, Per-Magnus Thörn schreef:
> (Sorry if this is already a known issue, could not login to Launchpad,
> Got the opportunity to borrow this PC.)
> I have two laptops running Xubuntu LTS 12.04. After the last update they
> suddenly freezes and the only way out is to power down. On my HP Compaq
> NC6000 I am most often not even able to log in. No crash dump detected
> if I once in a while could. Have run the memory check without problems.
> This might also be a H/W problem,, it is an old mashin (Intel Pentium
> Mobile from 2003 something 1 G RAM I thinh it is Intel chipset 535 or
> something like that) However My son has an Sony Vaio with an 64 bit
> architecture, (Intel i3, 4 GB RAM)  and when he was doing his homework
> the same thing happened. The cursor is not moveable and the keyboard is
> not working. Reinstalled fresh from Live CD on both mashines but the
> same thing happens again when installing the updates. Since I did a
> fresh install I can no longer pick an almost new version, only the
> original 12.04 included in the Live CD. Works at the Sony Vaio but does
> not work always on the HP NC6000.

At boot time, you should be able to choose an older kernel, and then 
select&boot it, and remove the newer one once you're in X...


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