[xubuntu-users] New laptop, Xubuntu and UEFI

Neil Winchurst neilwin at drofle.co.uk
Sun Jun 23 14:03:18 UTC 2013

I use a desktop computer and my wife has her own laptop, both running 
Xubuntu. Until recently I used a laptop for testing and also as a 
standby computer if needed. Unfortunately my laptop died the other day. 
(It was given to me some years ago and it was not new then, so it is not 
worth the bother of trying to sort it out.)

So I have been looking around for a replacement. I have found a company 
which will supply computers to your spec, including laptops, in all 
cases without any OS if required. So far so good.

However when I asked I discovered that, in order to check the machine 
before despatch, they will install Windows 8 on to it. Anyone who has 
asked for no OS to be included will receive the machine with a 30 day 
trial version of Win 8 installed. Otherwise they will get a full, paid 
for, version. In either case this means that secure boot will be turned on.

I was planning to disable secure boot and then install Xubuntu 13.04, 
removing Win 8 at the same time. Now, I have read somewhere that Xubuntu 
13.04 is UEFI ready. Is that correct? If so then I won't need to disable 
secure boot.

Any UEFI experts out there?

Thanks for any information on this,


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