[xubuntu-users] iTunes on Xubuntu (was: Re: ThinkPad T400 - No Desktop (GUI))

Bruno Benitez gridcube at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 14:18:12 UTC 2013

To be completelly honest, if a program is highly relevant to an user, like
iTunes might be for someone (i guess you can buy music trhough it? right?
never used it so I don't know its charm), or for others it might be
photoshop or something else, if your user feel they "need" those programs
and wont sufice with alternatives, then you should suggest them to buy a
new computer, get windows 7 (that is actually not that bad of an OS) or an
apple computer.

If the reason they want to use iTunes is just because they are used to it,
and saving money is a good point, I would encourage them to use one of the
many media players for linux that are awesome, like Amarok[1],
Clementine[2], Exaile[3], Rhythmbox[4], guayadeque[5] is nice but last time
I tried it was a bit too buggy, or even use gmusicbrowser[6], the default
application, though i would not recommend it to an user that comes from
another music player as it has a very different philosophy of work and it
needs a huge lot of time to get used to it, though if its your first player
it is very good because you learn to use it, if you expect gmb to work as
any other media player you are going to have a very bad time in your hands
and i would not suggest it to migratory users.

Again, the decision is theirs, if they want to pay a windows 7 license or a
new computer they are free to do so. Else they should learn to use any of
this programs to replace theirs.

[1] http://amarok.kde.org/
[2] http://www.clementine-player.org/
[3] http://www.exaile.org/
[4] https://projects.gnome.org/rhythmbox/
[5] http://guayadeque.org/
[6] http://gmusicbrowser.org/

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