[xubuntu-users] iTunes on Xubuntu (was: Re: ThinkPad T400 - No Desktop (GUI))

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Dec 9 15:02:39 UTC 2013

I won an iPad and it's useful for me to write shell scripts for Linux,
while not sitting in front of my tower PC. To import the scripts to
Linux I need iTunes, I also needed iTunes to get gratis text editors.

A solution might be to use iTunes on the iPad and to share everything by
the Internet, for me this doesn't work, because I can't get an ad-hoc
wifi network working. Somebody with a wireless router won't have this
issue. OTOH, no iTunes on a PC, no possibility to make a backup, resp.
only by using the Apple cloud, something I would not do.

Somebody with a wireless router might consider to jailbreak the iThingy
and to get free software from another "shop", than by iTunes.

IOW AFAIK there is an iTunes app, so you don't need an external
computer, assumed you won't backup or you're willing to backup to the
cloud. With a jailbreak you should get an additional "shop" to get
software, maybe free music and other free media too.

To share e.g. text files, you could do this by an Internet connection. I
can't do it, because I don't have a router and ad-hoc doesn't work.

Why should it be better to install a "real" Windows, than to use it by a
guest on a Linux host for most apps? It isn't, if Windows gets a virus
or brakes for what reason ever, you could restore Windows from a
snapshot, running it in on a virtual machine hosted on Linux is much
better in most cases, as long as you e.g. don't need Windows for
hardware related things, such as audio production.

For me the advantage to use a virtual machine on Linux is, that I don't
need to boot a Linux, to get the Linux shell scripts I wrote on the iPad
and after that to boot the Linux where I use the scripts.

Somebody who will buy a tablet PC or what ever mobile device might need
iOS, because Android-Google-What-Ever-Else-Linux-Based-OS for mobile
devices doesn't support real-time for multimedia. Sure, for writing
shell scripts a Linux based OS would be better, but many users use those
iThings for multimedia and some even for multimedia production. For
production you need real-time capabilities the Linux OS for mobile
devices do not provide. You can not simply use a Linux kernel for PCs,
patched for real-time on a mobile device.

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