[xubuntu-users] .goutputstream-APN9XA -- what's this seems to be generated each day

dg1727 dg1727 at hushmail.com
Wed Sep 12 15:58:51 UTC 2012

On Wed, 12 Sep 2012 05:58:55 -0400 Andy Proctor 
<xubuntu.list at gpshelp.co.uk> wrote:
>On 11/09/12 21:40, James Freer wrote:
>> [xubuntu 12.04]
>> I'd be grateful if someone could advise what the above file is - 
>> seems to be generated each day in root 0 bytes. Never had this 
>> in previous releases.
>I use xubuntu/xfce of course not gnome but still get them so 
>suspect an application is using the library and not cleaning up 
>properly. Should be safe to delete them "rm ~/.goutputstream-*" as 
>I have seen no negative effects of doing this. The delete command 
>could also be put into the login script to do this automatically 
>if you want.

Specifically, Dennis Baurichter wrote in the bug report (URL is 
below) on 2012-08-28:

> Just put this command into autorun (in system menu top left on 
> sh -c "rm ~/.goutputstream-*"

(Obviously, leave out the ">" that was used for quoting in this 

>There is a bug report

The bug report is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/984785

Hope this info may be useful for some people.  


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