[xubuntu-users] .goutputstream-APN9XA -- what's this seems to be generated each day

Andy Proctor xubuntu.list at gpshelp.co.uk
Wed Sep 12 09:58:21 UTC 2012

On 11/09/12 21:40, James Freer wrote:
> [xubuntu 12.04]
> I'd be grateful if someone could advise what the above file is - seems
> to be generated each day in root 0 bytes. Never had this in previous
> releases.
> It seems to be a 'confirmed' bug. Only noticed i suppose by folk who
> have 'show hidden files' selected in Thunar. It's reported in the
> ubuntu forum but no solution seems to have been posted. I was just
> wondering if anyone here has found a solution. Folk have said it's
> created by certain apps which i don't use.
> thanks
> james
Dear James, I noticed the same issue and my searches have found that it 
is fairly common as a problem. Some debate on the web about the root 
cause but the majority view seems to be that they are related to file 
transfers and file output. They seem to be temp files left over from use 
of the Goutputstream library by various applications. I use xubuntu/xfce 
of course not gnome but still get them so suspect an application is 
using the library and not cleaning up properly. Should be safe to delete 
them "rm ~/.goutputstream-*" as I have seen no negative effects of doing 
this. The delete command could also be put into the login script to do 
this automatically if you want.

There is a bug report but I think this is low priority for the developers?

Oh and yes as the file starts with a "." you need to be viewing hidden 
files in thunar or use ls -a in a terminal to see.

Thanks, hope this helps.


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