[xubuntu-users] gmusicbrowser users feedback request

L.M.J linuxmasterjedi at free.fr
Mon Jun 25 07:23:34 UTC 2012

Le 22/06/2012 18:07, Bruno Benitez a écrit :
>  * Do you use gmusicbrowser?
Not at all, I have a command line starting with "aptitude purge 
gmusicbrowser ..." I paste right after the end of the xubuntu install.

>     * Do you use other media players? If yes, which is your primary
> one, and why?
I use Smplayer and VLC for videos. For audio, I can't a simple, light 
(small memory footprint) just to play webradio or MP3. I think i'm going 
back to audacious or xmms (!).
Like another dude said, my music is ordered, I don't need a fat "smart" 
music player. I listenning music every time i'm on my computer (except 
when I watch a movie ;) ). I need a software mega-reliable and very 

>  * Do you like or dislike gmusicbrowser?
I dislike it

>     * Especially if you dislike; why, what is the feature that
> makes you dislike it?
Believe it or not, I don't really understand how to use it.
Also, my father (computer n00b), learns fast and start using Xubuntu 
pretty efficiently, called me to ask if I knew a "real" music player 
instead of gmusicbrower ;)

>   * Generally, is there any changes youd like to see made in
> gmusicbrowser?
No, just wipe it away

>  * Is there something else you want to say about gmusicbrowser?

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