[xubuntu-users] gmusicbro­wser users feedback reque­st

Michele Mor m_mor at mail15.com
Sun Jun 24 17:00:51 UTC 2012

>  * Do you use gmusicbrowser?
Yes, but not very often.

>     * Do you use other media players? If yes, which is your primary one, and why?

>  * Do you like or dislike gmusicbrowser?
Like it.

>     * Especially if you dislike; why, what is the feature that makes you dislike it?
>  * Generally, is there any changes you'd like to see made in gmusicbrowser?
The interface is too cluttered and not clear about creating playlist and options.

>  * Is there something else you want to say about gmusicbrowser?
Interface is bit cluttered, anything else is ok.

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