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Juha Kautto kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi
Sat Oct 29 10:48:37 UTC 2011

Hi Neil,

Orage uses standard gtk_calendar, which in turn uses only locale 
settings to control
week starting date. In other words,  there are no settings in Orage to 
override week
starting day, but it depends only on locale.

Your locale is en_GB, which defines week starting day to be Monday. You 
need to
change to for example to en_US to get weekday starting on Sunday. So 
start Orage:

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 orage

(You need to quit the running Orage naturaly before starting a new.)


28.10.2011 19:06, Neil Winchurst kirjoitti:
> Hi there,
> have just joined the Xubuntu list. I have been using Linux for about 12
> years now. Started with Suse then moved on to Mandriva. After that I
> spent some years with Kubuntu and recently Mint KDE and Mint Xfce.
> For me some of the recent versions are rather OTT and so I am looking at
> Xubuntu. I am working with it in VBox at the moment, which gives me the
> chance to play around without causing any trouble to my main distro,
> which is Mint v 10 KDE.
> So far so good except for one thing, When I use a calendar I like the
> weeks to start on a Sunday. At the moment in Xubuntu I cannot work out
> how to do that. When I click on the time button on the panel to bring up
> the calendar it shows the weeks starting on a Monday.
> To answer the obvious questions, my locale is set to en_GB and the
> country is set as United Kingdom. I know that Orage uses all that for
> its set up. Am I missing something somewhere please?
> Neil

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