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> > I always stick with the LTS releases because I have only one computer and
> > it's "mission-critical!" I wish I had the time and resources and a spare
> > computer to help test the new versions and contribute to the project in
> more
> > substantial ways than just the fanboy stuff I write in my blog and on the
> > forums.
> >
> You can always set up a virtual machine via VirtualBox[1] or VMWare to
> test new software.  :)  You get to play with new things (at a cost of
> performance) without messing up your main computer.  IIRC VirtualBox
> is already in the ubuntu repos.
> This has been an incredibly interesting and insightful discussion so far,
> thanks for that!
> Does that mean I can run Windows using VirtualBox inside Xubuntu to use the
> two or three applications I rely on that don't work on Linux as opposed to
> the dual boot approach?
> Would that be a better way of doing things?
> That is the case, although, as mentioned, you may have a smaller or larger
performance penalty for the system that runs in the virtualbox -- depending
on how well your particular hardware supports virtualization. With
server-like hardware the perfomance loss is very small. With cheaper
hardware more things need to be emulated in software and the performance is

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