[xubuntu-users] Official or Not?

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Sat Aug 6 01:06:36 UTC 2011


> This has been an incredibly interesting and insightful discussion so far, thanks for that!
> Does that mean I can run Windows using VirtualBox inside Xubuntu to use the two or three applications I rely on that don't work on Linux as opposed to the dual boot approach? Would that be a better way of doing things?
> -Ross

Yeah for sure, I use VirtualBox this way when I need to run Windows applications for my work. There is even a thing called "Seamless Mode" which makes it seem like you have an integrated Windows + Xubuntu desktop. So you get a Windows taskbar as well as you normal Xubuntu panels, and when you launch a Windows application its window appears over the top of your normal Xubuntu desktop. It's quite cool!




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