[xubuntu-users] New Karmic install: problem with subsequent "apt-get install postfix"

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Sat Jul 10 10:09:46 BST 2010

It would appear that on Jul 9, Tim H. did say:

> Don't listen to that guy, he has posted 4 times in the past 6 months 
> that I've been on this list and he only says one thing: "ubuntu is 
> better".  I have notified the xubuntu-users-owner's about his behavior.

Yeah, I kinda thought he was a little off-key... Either that or he's just
one Sarcastic Ornery Busybody... <snicker>

> To answer your question, or at least attempt to, I keep my configs along 
> with me for every installation.  I keep a tar of my home dir as well as 
> a few /etc config files for every fresh installation so I never have to 
> redo all of my word.  I even have a setup script to apt-get install the 
> programs I commonly use which are not included in Xubuntu by default 
> (ssh server, vsftpd, deluge, ect) as well as a useradd script to set up 
> my other users and passwords.
> Tar up your home dir or just the configs that reside in it and reload 
> them in single user mode (recovery mode), then boot into multi-user 
> (resume booting).
Thing is the configs I care about are massive changes from the
defaults of each and every desktop I'd consider using. I need to turn off
almost every handy dandy auto do it for you thingy that the developers
always leave on. And I've yet to find a WM/DE where I don't need to blank
99% of the default keyboard shortcuts and then replace them with the ones
my fingers know... And copying them in NEVER works for e17 (which once
configured is where I spend most of my time...) I chose Xubuntu because
XFCE makes a great back-up WM/DE for whenever an update may trash the still
unstable e17. And because there isn't an e17buntu. 

> Now for postfix, I have a set config that I once used (not anymore).  So 
> it doesn't matter which option I choose.  I may be able to look into 
> this, however I am not sure I really feel like it :P  My config took a 
> few days to setup just right and I don't feel like going through the 
> docs again, ha.

I looked at the docs for a few minutes the other day... My lady had to mop
up my brains and pour them back into my head, where I'm not sure they've
fully recongealed...
> The fully qualified domain, have you tried localhost?  I mean give it a 
> shot I guess.  I have multiple domains so that never came up as a 
> problem for me.
Yes I did. It didn't work. I can avoid the error by selecting the don't
configure option, but that would only work if I had a clue how to
configure it for local loopback... I can live without it. On average I've
managed to get it working on about 50% of the distros I've tried. But it
bugs me that they bothered with an autoconfig routine that offers to set
it up for local mail only. Which option wouldn't be very likely on any
machine that actually has a FQDN to satisfy the durned config with...
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