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Francisco Athens cyan255 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 20:46:11 UTC 2009

Voyage Linux 6.1 might run well, its also Debian "Lenny" based...
install xfce from there or take a look at fluxbox window manager with the
rox filemanager
I also agree with the DSL suggestion, Puppy is another tiny distro to try
for win98 era machines

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 1:16 PM, Eberhard Roloff <tuxebi at gmx.de> wrote:

> Chris Ross wrote:
> > I have the following hardware
> > Sony Picturebook PCG-C1XD
> > Pentium II 400 MHz
> > 128 MB Ram
> > 10Gb HDD
> > USB floppy
> > PCMCIA CD Drive
> > Display adapter Neomagic Magicmedia 256AV
> >
> Either you will be able to upgrade the Ram to at least 256GB and then
> use Xubuntu or even better something lighter like
> openbox or icewm.
> When DSL (damnsmall linux) fits your needs, then you might stay with 128mb.
> Another possibility:
> With 128mb (and more) you can run DSL fully from RAM and this will speed
> up your machine to something that you would never beleive.
> Lastly, if this is not possible my recommendation would be to simply use
> win 98. In my experience, as much as I hate to say it, there is no Linux
> that comes even near to the speed of win 98 on such a hardware. Not to
> mention the speed of Office 97 on Win 9x against OpenOffice on Linux on
> this hardware.
> Again it is sad to say, but nevertehless it is true. If you will
> carefully select your software you will even find modern
> browser/mail/antivirus software for W98. It gets more rare any day, but
> there still is good software, that you can use.
> kind regards
> Eberhard
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