[xubuntu-users] WiFi Card issue

T H Stearns thomasstearns at comcast.net
Tue Dec 29 18:54:22 UTC 2009

I   have an IBM X24 with ActionTec MiniPCI-LAN card. Card has Prism 2.5
> chipset. My Ubuntu 9.1 recognizes
> the card but refuses to connect wirelessly. I have ndiswrapper and a Windows
> driver file but cannot connect the two together because the Windows driver
> is an archive which unpacks itself into a Windows folder of folders plus
> several other files. I know the driver actually consists of 5 of those files
> (somewhat dependant on your O/S) but don't know how to get them into my
> Ubuntu O/S.
> I don't know whether the inaction is a result of no driver or poor settings.
> I had instantaneous connection with a MAndriva install--it found the card
> and several routers all by itself. ie no settings issue; no passwords.  What
> is SSID and BSSID?
> I know the card is good because when I use Windows 2K in the same machine it
> connects.

Tom Stearns
3 Brander Court
Nashua, NH
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