[xubuntu-users] dual monitor and wireless card not recognize

Andrew Kane googoleyes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 01:20:29 UTC 2008

Hi Xavier,

   Have you tried using ndiswrapper in order to use the actual Windows
driver for the wireless card? Wireless support is problematic on a lot
of systems due in part to the bewildering array of chipsets in use,
and the fact that sometimes two devices of the same apparent model
will have different chipsets. However, if you have a known good
Windows driver for the device, then ndiswrapper should allow you to
use that driver with the Linux kernel. IIRC there is even a nice gui
tool to facilitate this, though the name escapes me. Ndisgtk?
   The last time I attempted to do a dual-head setup was a few years
before I tried Ubuntu for the first time- I believe it was in about
2002 and I set it up by manually editing the config files. In Ubuntu
the config files are quite different from what I was working with
(X11R6 instead of xorg) and it's a bad idea to manually edit Ubuntu's
xorg.conf unless absolutely necessary. With that said, the fact that
you have both monitors showing picture suggests that it's not a
hardware problem, but something awry in the configuration. If I
understand you correctly, your two monitors are showing exactly the
same thing- like if you open a window you get the same window on each.
Is this what is happening, or do you actually have a separate desktop
on each? The latter is expected (albeit undesired) behavior. Also it
might help if you can tell us specifically what video hardware you
have (see lspci output) and which video driver(s) you have installed.
   I hope this helps. Good luck!

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 3:00 PM, Xavier Flores <xfloresv at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> I been using xubuntu since v7 and i love it, also my experience using linux
> systems begun 4 years ago, however I just install xubuntu v8.04 in my new
> laptop (asus f8) and for some reason I cannot make two things;
> 1.- my wireless card is not recognize under xubuntu (ubuntu, kubuntu), i
> have dual boot and under windows ambient work property but not under
> xubuntu.
> I been trying a bunch of options like madwifi, and even tried to build a
> kernel appropriate for my hardware, but it didn't work. I hope some body can
> help me.
> 2.-I like to work with dual monitor, but i cannot make it work property
> under xubuntu, my secondary monitor is just a mirror of my main screen. I
> will like to have and extended desktop.
> I try already with "xrandr" but it didn't see my VGA output, i think is
> cause i have ATI video card hardware
> any how i'm sure both things are possible to do and is just matter of find
> the right way to do it, hopefully some body will point me in the right
> direction
> just in case
> My laptop is asus F8Va-C1 with a ATI HD 3650 1GB graphic card and intel (i'm
> 90% positive) wireless card WLAN: 802.11 A/G/N.
> cheers
> Xavier
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