[xubuntu-users] File Sharing

Robert Brookes rob at opm.com.au
Thu Oct 9 05:20:56 UTC 2008

Hi Guys,
Just a quick question from a very new Xubuntu user. I wish to share
files between my pc which is running Ubuntu, and my laptop which is now
running Xubuntu, and also connect to my FTP server (using a GUI file
manager).  Normally, in Ubuntu, I would simply click [Places] or
[Connect to Server] enter the details and presto - I'm connected etc.
However, as Xubuntu is seemingly a little less extensive under the
[Places] menu, I was hoping someone may be able to give me a quick steer
as to how I should file share between systems (LAN), and connect to FTP
with Xubuntu. 
Thanks in advance.

PS: I'm also pretty new to Linux too - not quite 12 months ago I took
the plunge and flicked MS for good :).

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