[xubuntu-users] Could not find internet address

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sat Nov 1 19:41:34 UTC 2008

Daan Hoogland wrote:
> It may be that I managed to change the addresses and
> into:
> IP address laptop:
> gateway address:

Where did you (try to) put these lines? In /etc/hosts that would be wrong. 
You definitely need the loopback interface lines (IP addresses starting 
with 127). We'll talk about the 192 addresses later, but first lets 
modify /etc/hosts. You need root privilege to modify that file. Therefore 
use the command

gksu mousepad /etc/hosts

in a terminal to edit the file. Then change the file so it gets this 
contents: localhost daan-laptop.werkgroep daan-laptop

You may keep the IPV6 lines which you had in the original file but they 
are not vital. However DO remove the lines with and if they exist. Then save the file.

> Even the menu item 
> Network Manager has disappeared from the menu. 

You can restart the network manager applet with the command

nm-applet &

in a terminal and try if you can browse the internet already.

If that doesn't work, use the manual configuration of the network manager. 
Select the wired connection and click on the properties button. Uncheck 
the "Enable roaming mode" option and select "static IP address" for the 
configuration. Enter the IP address and the gateway address (the subnet mask will be added automatically). Now click OK. 
Now select the DNS tab. You need at least one DNS server. Click tha "+ 
Add" button and type the address because I suppose you are 
using a router which is your DNS server as well. If you have some other 
configuration you would use the address of you ISPs DNS server. Finally 
close the configuration window and in a terminal enter this command:

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Now it should really be possible to browse the internet.

> David Collins wrote:
> > Daan,
> >
> > I suggest you take the error message suggestion literally - try
> > changing your first 2 lines to -
> >
> > <> localhost
> > <> daan-laptop.werkgroep daan-laptop

That is totally wrong. <> has nothing to do with the hosts 


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