[xubuntu-users] Going from Kubuntu to Xubuntu

John Shane jslists at mtwafrica.org
Tue May 27 06:35:49 UTC 2008

On Mon, 26 May 2008 00:10:45 -0700
"Andrew Kane" <googoleyes at gmail.com> wrote:

> (I have a pretty good idea what's causing those, and it's not a WM
> problem), but also my display resolution is wrong - very easy to
> tell on a 14" lcd screen! Well, back to the drawing board.

If your xorg.conf file (as in /etc/X11/xorg.conf) does not include the
size of your display you might want to add that and see if it makes a
difference. I have installed Xubuntu on several older systems and had
problems with the display appearance until I added the physical size
to xorg.conf. Once it had that information it knew what to do and
sorted itself out.  The dimensions are in mm and the width is given
first then the height.  Here is what the section in my xorg.conf
looks like (obviously use your own system settings)

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier      "Generic Monitor"
        Option          "DPMS"
        DisplaySize     230 174
        HorizSync       28-51
        VertRefresh     43-60

HTH, John

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