[xubuntu-users] Going from Kubuntu to Xubuntu

Alberto Zeni alb.zeni at gmail.com
Thu May 22 20:01:23 UTC 2008

I have installed Kubuntu 8.04 (in dual boot with Win 98 SE) on my daughter's
old PC (Pentium III 500 MHz, 256 Mb RAM) and I'm pretty satisfied of it, but
later I considered that, due to the small amount of RAM maybe I had better
installing Xubuntu, in order to have better performances.
What do you think about that? Do you suggest me to change? In case I change,
is it possible to transform my Kubuntu into Xubuntu? (as both of them come
from Ubuntu), or else I have to uninstall it? And if so, what's the right
uninstall procedure?
Can you give me some advice?
Best Regards,
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