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hannah at hannah-and-friends.de hannah at hannah-and-friends.de
Wed May 21 13:36:44 UTC 2008

Hello Vincent,

many thanks for your respond. I installed the latest xubuntu hardy.... 

I load down the ndisgtk-package from the url you told me and received
a WinZiP-tar-file. After I have copied this zip-archive to my filesystem
I unpacked it. 

Okay, a lot of files, but whow does the show go on. As greenhorn I
missed something like <setup.exe>. Synaptic does not find and display
this files.

Please help me by given me simple instructions to solve my problem.

Otherwise, my understanding of the linux-architecture tells me, that the
systemconfiguration is done with simple textfiles in the related 
(/etc/interfaces and so on). Welcome back to DOS?

Why doesn't exist a supportline, where fools like me can find examples
of running and tested entries in this files.

I'm a certified IBM - specialist for i-series and LotusDomino/Notes. I 
a lot of dominoservers on Linuxsystems like SUSE and REDHAT. Why
xubuntu is so difficult?????
May it be, that the linux-community loss the ideas of linus thorwald and
working hard to develop legions of distributions where anyone runs 

I'm ready for bungee-jumping - without the carbontie.


hannah josephine dippe

PS: From Fedora over xubuntu until redhat, all these distributions are 
of the new WindowsVISTA. The installation of VISTA, controlled remote by 
is done within 50 minutes.

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Re: [xubuntu-users] How to run DWL-510 Wlandevice

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 11:58 AM, <hannah at hannah-and-friends.de> wrote:


since monday I try to configure an DWL-510 to make it run. What I've done 
until no: 

1. Installed "ndiswrapper" - packet from xubuntu-CD. 

2. Installed driver from DLink-CD 

Try installing "ndisgtk" first: 

(You can find it in Applications->System->Add/Remove... by looking for 
"Windows Wireless Drivers". That should help you installing the drivers 
from the CD.

Also, which version of Xubuntu are you using?

    The command <iwconfig> shows this: 

    loop back ok. 

    wlan0                IEEE802.11b ESSID:off/any Nickname "HAF01" 
                Mode: Auto Frequency:2.412 GHz Access Point: 
                Bit Rate: 11 Mb/s Tx Power: 20 dBm Sensitivity=0/3 
                RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off 
                  Link Quality=0 
                Signal level=0 
                Noise level=0 
                Rx invalid nwid:0 
                Rx invalid crypt:0 
                Rx invalid frag:0 

The device is also present in: applications>system>network and can be 
The changes takes no effect to the displayed result of iwconfig. 

This morning I tried to change the parameters by <sudo iwconfig wlan0 ...> 

Some changes become true, other changes false. 

My wlan is running good, connects 3 Windows-Computers and give all of them 
to the internet. See the configuration settings below: 

AP-Name: "HAF01" - 
Mode: "Managed" 
Encrypt: "Yes" - 128 bit / WEP 
Key01: "ascii" - (...........) 

The device may be not correctly embedded to the system. So I can not 
it, to bind pppoe for an internet-connection. 

I'm a greenhorn in xubuntu and installed it becauseII I have to execute a 
training about it for 
some people in my organisation. 


hannah josephine dippe 

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