[xubuntu-users] Antwort: Re: How to run DWL-510 Wlandevice

Vincent imnotb at gmail.com
Wed May 21 14:04:29 UTC 2008

On 5/21/08, hannah at hannah-and-friends.de <hannah at hannah-and-friends.de>
> Hello Vincent,
> many thanks for your respond. I installed the latest xubuntu hardy.... 8...

8.04 :)

I load down the ndisgtk-package from the url you told me and received
> a WinZiP-tar-file. After I have copied this zip-archive to my filesystem
> I unpacked it.
> Okay, a lot of files, but whow does the show go on. As greenhorn I
> missed something like <setup.exe>. Synaptic does not find and display
> this files.

Sorry, that's my fault: I shouldn't have confused you with that URL. You can
simply install ndisgtk by opening Applications->System->Add/Remove... and
searching for Windows Wireless Drivers.

The reason you couldn't find it, is because you first need to select "All
available applications" from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand

Please help me by given me simple instructions to solve my problem.
> Otherwise, my understanding of the linux-architecture tells me, that the
> systemconfiguration is done with simple textfiles in the related
> directonaries.
> (/etc/interfaces and so on). Welcome back to DOS?

Actually, this is what happens behind the scenes. Normally, you can just
configure everything through graphical applications, which will edit the
text files for you. This way, should something ever happen to your graphical
environment, you (or someone who can if you can't) can still restore the

Why doesn't exist a supportline, where fools like me can find examples
> of running and tested entries in this files.

As said, you do not need to edit these files.

Also, you really need to differentiate between Linux and Xubuntu. Linux is
actually just the core, though the name is often used as an umbrella term to
describe all Linux *distributions*, which ship the core Linux and a lot of
applications around it, like Xubuntu does.

Not all "Linux" tutorials apply to Xubuntu. If you want to be sure whatever
you're looking for, use "Xubuntu" instead of "Linux" as a search term. If
you can't find anything, you can also often use guides aimed at "Ubuntu", of
which there are a lot more. The safest bet is just Xubuntu though.

I'm a certified IBM - specialist for i-series and LotusDomino/Notes. I
> installed
> a lot of dominoservers on Linuxsystems like SUSE and REDHAT. Why
> xubuntu is so difficult?????

May I also point out to you that Xubuntu has excellent documentation
available? If you browse to the default Firefox homepage on Xubuntu you will
see a link to the documentation (on version 7.10 it's located at
file:///usr/share/xubuntu-docs/index.html). Just take the time to read that
and it will be a lot easier, I'd say. A lot of volunteers have generously
spent their time on that, so it'd be a shame not to use that.

May it be, that the linux-community loss the ideas of linus thorwald and
> working hard to develop legions of distributions where anyone runs
> correctly?

Come again?

I'm ready for bungee-jumping - without the carbontie.
> Regards
> hannah josephine dippe
> PS: From Fedora over xubuntu until redhat, all these distributions are
> copies
> of the new WindowsVISTA. The installation of VISTA, controlled remote by
> microsoft,
> is done within 50 minutes.
I'm sorry, what is the relevancy of this comment? Please keep discussions
open and constructive. Of course, if you really don't like it, you can
always use something else.

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