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promar at juno.com promar at juno.com
Tue Jan 8 18:52:39 UTC 2008

first off my equipment:
fic 503+ motherboard
amd KIII 400 MHZ processor
256 meg memory
radeon 32 meg apg video card
samsung sw232 cd/cdrw
maxtor 40 gig drive
maxtor 2.0 gig drive

I downloaded xubuntu 7.10 and burned the iso image to a cd. Checksums of the file appeared to be ok. checksums of the burned image also appeared to ok. After trying various times to install from the cd, the install sometimes stalls at the point when its burning the kernal, and when that passes through it stall at the point when installing the software portion. I can never get past the software portion, when I do get past the kernal portion of the install.

After a few tips in troubleshooting, I came to conclusion that its my cdrom drive that does not respond well during install. 

So my question is, how can I manage a harddrive install, by invoking the install process via the cdrom image? I have no internet connection where my computer is located.

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