[xubuntu-users] install video xubuntu 600 ibm thinkpad

Ivà debian.public at gmail.com
Tue May 15 07:42:23 BST 2007

En/na Gustavo Maselli ha escrit:
> hello, I new, attempt to install drive of video of xubuntu in
> 600 IBM thinkpad and when I execute $ sus and entrance password leaves 
> "authentication failure. Sorry". Password is correct that I can do.
> -- 
> Gustavo Maselli

Hello Gustavo,

You should use sudo instead of su, but anyway if you still want/need to 
use su you must create a password for root:

$ sudo passwd
Password: [enter your current _user_ password]
Enter new UNIX password: [new password for _root_]
Retype new UNIX password: [retype new password for _root_]

Now, when you use su you have to use the new password for root that you 
enter before.


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