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McDowell, Perry (CIV) mcdowell at nps.edu
Fri Jun 29 19:38:38 UTC 2007

My mother finally agreed to try out this new thing called the Internet ("It might be more than a fad!!") and I am giving her one of my old (PIII, 500 MHz, 128MB) computers.  It had XP on it, but since she is not used to (corrupted by) MS, I was planning on putting Ubuntu on it, since I like Linux, support open source, and wanted a better performing OS since the computer is so old.  When I went to the website, I saw Xubuntu, which sounds even better for the old computer.  However, I couldn't find a clear breakdown of whether Xubuntu would meet her needs, or whether I should go ahead and install Ubuntu.
If there is a page which clearly breaks down who should use which OS, please point me to it.  Or please let me know if Xubuntu will meet my mother's needs:
1) E-mail
2) Full internet (images, movies, etc.)
3) Downloading images from a digital camera and slight manipulation of them.
4) Word processing, spreadsheet, etc.  (I couldn't find a definitive statement that OpenOffice would work on Xubuntu - this is probably my biggest concern.)
5) ABSOLUTELY NO COMMAND LINE INTERFACE REQUIRED FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE- this would probably give my mother a heart attack and speed up my inheritance.
6) Very stable - I live two hours away, and so dropping by often to fix things can't happen (although she would probably like that; like most mothers, she thinks I don't visit enough.)
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