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João Santiago exalowprofile at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 19:48:34 UTC 2007

Hi and congrats on "converting" your mother!
Xubuntu is basically the same as Ubuntu but, instead of using the Gnome
desktop, it uses XFCE, which is a lighter desktop environment, aimed at
low-end or old computers. I use Ubuntu on my AMD64 and Xubuntu on my old

It comes with almost the same basic app set as Ubuntu (it doesn't come with
OpenOffice and some more extras, but you can always download them later on
if needed), that means you will be able to browse the internet (it comes
with FireFox, but I recommend using Epiphany - it's lighter and thus faster)
read your email, manipulating your photos, etc. All with a graphical user

Any questions just ask!,

On 6/29/07, McDowell, Perry (CIV) <mcdowell at nps.edu> wrote:
>  My mother finally agreed to try out this new thing called the Internet
> ("It might be more than a fad!!") and I am giving her one of my old (PIII,
> 500 MHz, 128MB) computers.  It had XP on it, but since she is not used to
> (corrupted by) MS, I was planning on putting Ubuntu on it, since I like
> Linux, support open source, and wanted a better performing OS since the
> computer is so old.  When I went to the website, I saw Xubuntu, which sounds
> even better for the old computer.  However, I couldn't find a clear
> breakdown of whether Xubuntu would meet her needs, or whether I should go
> ahead and install Ubuntu.
> If there is a page which clearly breaks down who should use which OS,
> please point me to it.  Or please let me know if Xubuntu will meet my
> mother's needs:
> 1) E-mail
> 2) Full internet (images, movies, etc.)
> 3) Downloading images from a digital camera and slight manipulation of
> them.
> 4) Word processing, spreadsheet, etc.  (I couldn't find a definitive
> statement that OpenOffice would work on Xubuntu - this is probably my
> biggest concern.)
> this would probably give my mother a heart attack and speed up my
> inheritance.
> 6) Very stable - I live two hours away, and so dropping by often to fix
> things can't happen (although she would probably like that; like most
> mothers, she thinks I don't visit enough.)
> Thanks.
>  Perry
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