[xubuntu-users] Sharing printers

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Thu Feb 1 21:47:59 UTC 2007

Hey all,

I created the file on the client at:


(as this is the IP of the machine with the printer)

But it still does not print to the remote machine. 
I pulled up printer config on the remote machine 
and all it allows now is the 'Goto Server' button, 
it does not allow a local one, which is fine since 
there is no local one.

However, when I try the Goto Server button, either 
with or without 'Require encryption' checked, it 
gets this error:

"HttpConnectionEncrypt Failed"

All I can find via Google of that error is one 
thread about connection to a Windows machine and a 
few more pages not in English.

Sorry for being unilingual! :)

Anyone have any suggestions?


ono devo wrote:
> If all your computers have cups on them, you can skip adding the
> printer on each machine.
> Try creating a file called 'client.conf' in the cups dir, then add:
> ServerName
> What this does is makes your local cups install use everything on the
> remote server. If I remember correctly, you won't even need to run the
> cups daemon on any of the client machines, saving you some cycles.
> However, if you wanted to use a printer connected directly to the
> computer using USB or parallel port, you would still need to have the
> cups daemon to manage it.
> from: http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/ref-client-conf.html
> "The ServerName directive specifies sets the remote server that is to
> be used for all client operations. That is, it redirects all client
> requests to the remote server."

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