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Hi, George.

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> On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 7:55 AM, George Miller
> <george.austin.miller at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello Xubuntu Devs,
> >
> >   A co-worker showed me today that your Xubuntu screenshots
> > (http://xubuntu.org/screenshots/) all have the word "Sex" where the day
> of
> > the week should be at the top of the screen. March 7, 2014 was a Friday,
> so
> > I can only assume this is there because the system language is Portugese
> or
> > Latin. I'm not sure if this is in error or on purpose (Xubuntu is pretty
> > sexy), but it's probably best for marketing and such to take some new
> > screenshots on a different day of the week.
> It wasn't on purpose to convey anything (calling tech "sexy" has
> always been kind of odd to me!), but it was taken on a Friday by a
> contributor who speaks Portugese as his primary language.

> With the 14.04 release just a couple weeks away, we're planning on
> making new screenshots anyway, so this will resolve itself then :)

I am the one to blame for this, and I do apologize for any inconvenience
that his may have caused, but as you correctly stated that's because the
system language were they were taken from was Portuguese.
The word 'Sex' in the screenshots stands for Sexta-feira, which is the
Portuguese translation for Friday.

And even though I agree with you, considering Xubuntu a pretty damn sexy
OS, it's something that needs to be fixed.
As Elizabeth explained, after the 17th of April, date of Trusty Thar
release, we'll make new screenshots (this time in English installation)
 and the all thing will be resolved.

David Pires

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