xfce4-indicator-plugin version 2.3.2-0ubuntu1 (Trusty up-to-date)

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 21:11:43 UTC 2014

My 13.10 system (pre-migration to 14.04) seemed to have a well-behaved
indicator plug-in.  Something in the above indicator plug-in version (or
something else?) changed so I get what I think is aberrant behavior.

To clear the air, as it were, I established a baseline by removing the
indicator plug-in from Panel 0.  I then logged out and then logged back
in.  Okay, no indicator plug-in item ICONs and no Panel 0 issues. 

I like having a sound menu on Panel 0.  In Saucy, the sound menu somehow
appeared when I added this plug-in.  In the subject indicator plug-in
version, when I add the indicator plug-in to Panel 0, the following happens:

 1. ICONs for only the Ethernet and Mail/messaging appear (2 ICONs). 
    Left clicking on either one gets the correct drop-down menu for
    those functions.
 2. So, I right-click on one of the 2 visible indicator plug-in ICONs
    and select "Properties". 
 3. Now I can see an indicator table with 4 entries: Application
    Indicators, Power Management, Sound Menu, and Messaging Menu.  None
    of them are marked "Hidden".  The "Hide indicators by default" is
    not checked.  All 4 entries should be enabled, yes?
 4. In the upper right-hand corner, I can also see my usual Panel 0
    items that were also there in Saucy: BOINC Manager, Dropbox, IBus,
    Clock, Weather Update, and Action Buttons.
 5. Paranoia about consumed Panel 0 space: I edited the Panel 0
    preferences list of items by discarding all the separators. 
    Rebooted.  Space squeezed down but no change to Panel 0.

My questions: 

 1. Can I assume that Ethernet is part of the Application Indicators? 
    This seems to be the case.
 2. Why are the Power Management and Sound Menu items not appearing on
    Panel 0?  I have logged out and back in a few times.  No change to
    Panel 0.  I rebooted.  No change to Panel 0.
 3. Is this a (minor) bug or my lack of understanding how the indicator
    plug-in should work?  I can work-around this.
 4. Anyone else having a similar issue?

Thank you,


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