Finding mirrors for Xubuntu

Steve Dodier sidnioulz at
Sun Apr 26 22:51:31 UTC 2009

Okey, i think we definately need *more* mirrors.

It'd be good, in a first time, to make a list of how many servers we want
for each country / geographic area, and thus to make a list of current
providers (then we can add *Country provider* as a name in the website's
list - for instance it's important to write after France, the first
reason being that the french won't try this one first as they'll know it to
be slow. On a second hand, mirrors may want to be sponsored, thus we gotta
write their names down :p).

For France itself, as its a country with a big community, I think we need at
least 3 mirrors (don't forget the french + belgium + swiss + luxembourgeois
+ monégasques are probably above 70mil people now, so we do need mirrors).
I'd also like to have one setup in Spain.

I'm willing, for these two countries, to try to find universitary mirrors. I
think we can get one in Barcelona in Spain, with the help of the LoCo
cataluna, esp. while at the UDS, since there should be university folks
there. For France, I can begin with my own university / linux friends'
universities / Ubuntu-friendly ones too.

Just a thought, but for Europe I think we should also have 2 in Netherlands,
1 in Poland, 1 in Romania, 1 in Hungary, 1 more in Sweden (or one in Norway
?), 1 in Estonia, 1 in Ukraine, 1 or 2 in Italia, 1 in Greece, 1 more in UK
(one of the two doesnt answer) or in Eire, 2 more in Germany (80mil
inhabitants), 1 in Turkey.

For Africa, Algeria/Tunisia/Morroco are where most of the users are. We
could try to get one in the middle of Africa too, but I don't know if there
is a demand there (though, the people there are more likely to go Xubuntu
than Ubuntu, but do they know about FLOSS, dunno).

For the other regions, I really have no idea where are the people and were
we should setup mirrors :/

Anyways I won't do anything without Cody's agreement, but I think we could
also write a "typical" mirror request that we could use for these requests.

Cordially, SD.
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