[ubuntu-za] Trusty menu behaviour

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Mon May 19 21:57:17 UTC 2014

in 14.04 they made the functionality optional to minimize the window if you
click on the launcher icon of the open window (assuming it is the only one
of its kind)


Is that what you are seeing?

On 17 May 2014 20:24, Jan Greeff <jan at verslank.net> wrote:

> Can somebody please help?
> My Ubuntu 14.04 menu behaviour seems to have gone awry. I used to be able
> to access miniature versions of more than one window in the same app
> simultaneously; for example, when I had two or more sites open in the
> browser I could simply click on the Firefox icon to see miniature versions
> of all the currently open websites from where I could select which one I
> wanted to see.
> This feature is no longer working; the same applies to Thunderbird, etc.
> The problem appears to have started when I installed Unity Tweak Tool and
> Tweak Tool, but when I uninstall these apps the problem remains. I have
> tried various options offered by the tweak tools but to no avail.
> Jan
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