[ubuntu-za] Wine woes (again)

Jan Greeff jan at verslank.net
Thu Jul 11 18:59:22 UTC 2013

This seems over my head, will it be easier to get my USB ports to work 
on my Oracle VM Virtualbox 4.1.2?


On 11/07/2013 15:10, Bruce Pieterse wrote:
> On 11/07/2013 14:24, Wesley Werner wrote:
>> Hi Jan. I tried to backtrack what app you are meaning, can you please 
>> reiterate what app, and if there is a chance of an alternative native 
>> app?
>> Not sure about WINE's hardware interaction (usb).
> Hi,
> As far as USB support goes for WINE, it doesn't work. I set up iTunes 
> a while back (11.10/12.04) and tried to get my iPod working with it. 
> Unfortunately, after doing all that then looking for any articles 
> relating to WINE USB support the answer was no and the alternative 
> solution was to setup a virtual machine with USB passthrough.
> BUT, looking for an answer today I found this: http://wiki.winehq.org/USB
> If it works, please let me know! :)

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